Kewico GmbH acts as CAD consultant to major corporations on an outsourcing basis. We are responsible for drawing sales and installation plans for high tech milking equipment in the dairy industry. Each project has a team built up of salespersons, project / installation managers, installation technicians and us providing the necessary CAD plans. The people involved differ depending on the region of our country that the equipment is sold to.

kewico Objective


With the number people involved in longer term projects with different phases and different teams, communication and collaboration became very difficult using conventional communication.

kewico Troubles


After testing a number of available project management software solutions we decided on Orangescrum. Orangescrum provided us with the perfect solution to collaborate on line, keeping track of task statuses, responsibilities and deadlines in a very user friendly interface. Most of the other solutions we tested provided similar management tools but were much more complicated to set up and use.

After 1 month of using Orangescrum we noticed big advantages in the efficiency of our organization. Organizational problems were solved, including: clear responsibility allocation, traceable project activity - as all communication is posted on Orangescrum under the related project and task, all allocated team members are always up to date as well as Future analysis in case of problems or failures is traceable.

But that’s not all. With the Time log and Invoices, we were able to minimize our administrational workload. Our Freelance CAD workers can log their times to each project as they go. Meaning we only need to allocate their times to an invoice to complete the billing procedure. The invoices can be marked as played and archived allowing us to easily keep track of payments.

We have also experienced good support & were able to make a couple of small changes to suite our needs.

kewico Solution


We can highly recommend this software to anyone needing project management software with an easy to use interface and clearly presented lists and work flows. Orangescrum increased our project management efficiency dramatically.
Brent Kerr CEO, Kewico GmbH