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Task Management
Task List
Task Group
Task Linking
Custom Task Label
Custom Task Type
Custom FieldsAdd additional data like URL, task number, any specific data related to tasks, cost, email, to tasks in your projects. (Max. 5 Fields)
Custom Filter
Task Template
Task Archive
Project Management & Collaboration
Project Priority
Project Overview
Gantt Chart
Project Template
Project Budget & CostBudget and Cost provides a way to forecast finances & track project performance
Recurring Task
Time Management
Manual Time Entry
Daily TimesheetTimesheet provides clarity on your team’s time spent on each project/task.
Weekly Timesheet
Timesheet Approval
Timesheet Report
Time Log Calender View
Resource Management
Resource AvailabilityThe real-time Resource Availability calendar helps in accurate Resource Allocation & Project Planning.
Resource Utilization
User Role Management Provide user-based permission to get control on who has access to what within the organization.
Guest User
Workflow Management
Default Task Workflow (New, InProgress, Resolved, Closed)
Custom Task StatusCreate your own processes & the lifecycle of the task from start to finish.
Workflow AutomationAutomate your workflow by addition your desired conditions into the process.
Invoice Management
Create Invoice
Add Customer
Download and Send Invoice
Mark Invoice as Paid or UnpaidDefine billable and non-billable work that augurs well for transparent invoicing.
Create Wiki
Wiki Category
Wiki Sub-Catgory
Wiki Approval
Global Wiki
File Management
File Sharing
Attach files from Google Drive
Attach files from Dropbox
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Single Sign On (SSO)Log in to Orangescrum using your one corporate credentials.
In-App Notification
Desktop Notification
Email Notification
Daily Catch-up Reminder
Task Reminder
Reports and Analytics
Sprint Report
Velocity Chart
Average Age Report
Created vs. Resolved Task Report
Pie Chart Report
Recently Created Task Report
Resolution Time Report
Time Since Tasks Report
Task Report
Burndown Chart
Weekly Usage Report
Pending Task Report
Import & Export
Project Import & Export
Task List Export
Time Log Import & Export
Timesheet Export
Resource Utilization ExportResource Utilization helps you understand how optimally resources are being utilized in your organization.
Gantt Chart ExportGantt Chart shows milestones and associated tasks mapping within the project.
Project Overview Export
Import Task to Project Template

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

After making the successful signup to Orangescrum, a full-featured 15 day trial period subscription plan will be activated for the users.

What happens after when my trial period ends?

After the end of trial period, you will not able to access the project data inside the application. And you will be asked to upgrade the subscription plan.

What happens if I upgrade the subscription plan that not expired?

We will prorate the subscription costs. For an example, say you are billed on the 1st of every month, and you decided to change a subscription plan half way through the billing cycle (in this case, mid-month on a monthly cycle - eg. the 15th of the month).

In this case you have already paid $9 and used half of that (because they're half-way through the month). When you are switched to the new plan which has a price of $60.00, here is how you'll be charged.

Original monthly subscription price = $9
New monthly subscription price = $60
Number of days left in the billing cycle = 15
Total number of days in the billing cycle = 30
($60 – $9) x (15 / 30) = $25.5

Here are the charges your customer will see on his statement:
JAN 1: $9
JAN 15: $25.5
FEB 1: $60

This amount (in this case, $25.5) will be charged in the moment of subscriptions switching. Your billing date will not be changed. The next billed amount, at the start of the next month would also reflect the payment required on the new plan for that upcoming month: $60.

How monthly plan is different from the annual plan?

Under monthly subscription plan, users need to pay in monthly basis (30 days billing cycle) where on annual plan user only have to pay annually (once in 365 days).

Can I change my plan later?

Yes! Orangescrum allows all users to change their subscription plans either upgrade or downgrade anytime. And we also ensure no data will be lost on this process.

Is Orangescrum is available in an on-premise version?

Yes, Orangescrum is available in On-Premises version where we do provide Source code, Free updates for first 12 months, Unlimited projects, tasks and time logs, and all premium features.

Is my data secured?

The security of your information is extremely important to us. We do not save any credit card number in our database, neither share your email ids to third parties. All the sensitive information are encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL).

Do I have to pay in GST?

We provide GST enabled invoice ONLY for any yearly pricing plans opted, on request. Please contact us to get the proforma invoice.

Should I provide my credit card number when I sign up?

Absolutely no credit card required when you're signing up for the trial period. If you are decided to subscribe to one of Orangescrum’s paid plans after the trial, you need to provide credit card (or another payment method) details for billing.

How Can I Upgrade my account after the free trial?

Simply, you need to select the best action subscription plan for your requirement and make the payment accordingly. Make sure, you added the right payment method for undisputed use.

What are the payment methods I can use?

We do accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express) and the other mode of payment is wire transfer. This mode is accepted for both monthly and yearly subscriptions. Contact us for any help.

What will be my billing period?

The billing period will be calculated for a 30 day cycle from the first payment date.

When will I be charged for the paid plan?

You will be charged at the beginning of the subscription date. All our plans are monthly/yearly chargeable plans. If you cancel your account at any time within the billing cycle, you will not be charged further and your subscription will be active till the end of the next billing date. You will still have all the access to all the functionalities you have with your current plan.

You will not be charged from the next billing cycle and your subscription will be deactivated at the end of your current cycle date.

What are the benefits of buying the annual plan?

Annual plan gives you clutter free uses of Orangescrum features for a year where, in monthly plan, users need to pay monthly.

Can I opt for an AnnualOrangescrum Cloud Subscription?

Yes, you can! Orangescrum Cloud is available on an annual subscription plan in addition to monthly plan.

What to do in case of any payment glitch?

You need to contact our team immediately in case if you have any glitch.

Will you provide support for Free subscription users?

Of course we will. Your ideas, bug reports and other feedback will be considered and resolved. Your feedback is very important for us without any difference. Free user also can request for a demo as well.

What are the refund policies?

For the self-hosted edition, a refund is only applicable if our team fails to deliver the package within 7 days of payment. If the package is delivered within the specified timeframe, the refund policy is not applicable in any instance.

Do Orangescrum have any Money back guarantee?

Yes, Orangescrum has a 100% money-back guarantee, in case if you are not satisfied with the result in the first 30 days of its use.

For money back guarantee, contact our team.

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Add-on options

  • Installation Support
  • Wiki Management
  • Ticketing Module
  • Unlimited access to project and tasks
  • Premium feature bundle
  • Priority support
  • Time Management
  • Custom Workflows
  • User Role Management
  • Executive Reports
  • Resource Management
  • Custom fields
  • Scurm Project Management
  • Gantt Chart
  • Task Management
  • Project Templates
  • Kanban Project Management
  • Timesheet approval
  • Mobile App (iOS & Android)
  • Wiki Management
  • Integrations
  • In-App Chat
  • Invoice Management
  • Project Budget & cost

On-Premises FAQs

What is included with On-Premises license purchase?

Orangescrum  On-Premises License grants you the right to use of the Orangescrum Software for the specified number of users based on your chosen plan. It also includes 12 months of maintenance and support (code upgrades if any) from the date of purchase. You can opt for renewal if you wish to continue to receive the maintenance and support from Orangescrum.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept payments through all major credit card services (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc) as well as wire transfers. Contact us  to know more about the wire transfers.

What is your Refund Policy?

There are no refunds for the. Self–Hosted plans.However, you will get the source code of the application.

Is the price for the On-Premises license a one-time payment?

YES! You can use Orangescrum On-Premises for as long as you like without any additional fees. You can opt for renewal if you wish to continue to receive the maintenance and support from Orangescrum.

What's the difference between Cloud and Self-hosted edition?

With Orangescrum cloud, you get immediate access to all features as soon as they released and we host the software on our server. There is no maintenance, hosting and code updates you need for your account. You can sign up and start using the software with free trial or subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan.

With Orangescrum self-hosted edition, you need to host it on your server. Maintenance, hosting is fully dependent on your environment. Regular code updates will be released based on your chosen plan. Here you need to pay one time cost to get the source code of the self-hosted edition.

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