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Project Management In My Control

Overall, I am very pleased with Orangescrum. We will implement the software into our planning and objective setting and goal reaching endeavors. I love the accessibility of Orangescrum and the infinite ability to customize the software to the needs and comfort of all the users within our work groups and organization as a whole. Rory M.

Have used many, many different Project Management Software, and this so far has been the best!

My oversea's project team has been using this software to keep tickets working, communicate back and forth, and set deadlines. I love the way you can just respond back thru the same email that notified me of the communication and not have to log into the actual software and find the ticket to respond. I wish more support companies used this program. Nothing is more frustrating than getting an email that my ticket has been responded to, but I can't see the comment or respond without first logging into the software. Orangescrum works so well, I almost never see the ticket dashboard. Now that is perfect! Cherri N.

Finally a good task tracker

When I set out to find a task tracker I found plenty of Cloud based services that seemed to do what I wanted but I really needed to have more control. As a programmer and designer I wanted something that not only worked but that I could also plug into my local systems. Orangescrum seems to allow me to do that, the addons are a single cost and the self hosting option seems to be priced right. Dennis G.

Interesting to explore new functionalities of Orangescrum

Save time Accuracy No reminders required Successful accomplishment Meeting hassle free deadlines Review one's own performance Increase productivity level Choice of selecting tasks without even missing one Keep track on team accomplishment Self encouragement Maintain and manage - Task to do list Time management. Shakila B.

If you're searching for a modern project management tool Orangescrum may be the best

Orangescrum simplifies your project management life: it makes easy to handle all aspects of your projects. You can easily manage tasks, create a direct communication between team members, assign resources and tasks to a particular person and keep track of your expenses. It combines project management, task management and collaboration in a unique platform giving you total control over your projects. Resource planning and team member reminders via daily updates - Easy to use - Easy to custom - Available in 3 options: Community, Cloud and Enterprise - Inexpensiv Prince B.

Great features and a very good price

Ease of use, very good customer service and an affordable price. We are using Orangescrum for an year after a deep research for a good and affordable online project management tool and we are sure now that we chose the right one Toni L.

Orangescrum is a superb system that has enabled our team to work in collaboration on projects.

It enables project progress tracking on each of the project modules. It assists in time management to ensure projects are completed in timely fashion. It simplifies human resource tasks such as time sheets, attendance and leaves. Gordon S.

Best tool i've found

It is very simple. We are a small Team, so we searches something that is easy to use. The tool is perfekt for us. The installation was very simple and quick. It was very important to find a tool that is not bind to a cloud system. Good job Orangescrum! Erik.

Orangescrum is an Excellent Software that Enhances Effective project Management

I discovered this product intriguing. The simplicity it offers me to unite my group on a solitary stage is splendid. I like how I can arrange errands, allocate them and screen them. I can likewise plan meetings with clients and make a day by day utilization association outline. What I like most about this apparatus is that it is absolutely adjustable and can be adjusted to everybody's needs. The product effectively oversees, extends and permits groups to join. Screen client movement is exceptionally simple. Mercy.

Fantastic Project Management System

Orangescrum made it extremely easy for us to keep track of our projects, keep our clients updated on their projects. It also gave us a way for clients to submit all of their content for their projects and by doing that, it cut down on the number of emails we would get with project material. Having all of our project material in one location made it easy for everyone involved with any project, to stay up to date with new files and changes. James S.

Excellent experience and fit for purpose

Orangescrum is my favourite project management software. We have used it for 3 years now and it always performs better. What I like it best for is their Scrum module which has implemented the Agile Scrum methodology perfectly well. The software is easy to use and self paced starters can get along quite easily. At the moment we use it for advanced functionalities including time tracking and resource management for our large multi-site environment. Narshion N.

A Unique Experience When Compared To Other "More Traditional

Our agency has been through just about every other project management platform there is. Seriously, mention one, and we have used or at the very least demoed it. The ones that we liked were crazy expensive, and the ones that were more reasonably price were only a little better than excel. OrangeScrum has a delightful blend of affordability and features. I love the dashboards and views that are available. The Kanban view makes it easy for our teams to coordinate. I can take the resource manager and better coordinate the timelines/deadlines for our clients. One unique feature that I have come to love is the "Daily Catchup" which allows me to get an automated summary of everything that was accomplished by my staff during the day. We are not a large company, but sometimes managing a team and daily tasks can get a little unwieldy. Max J. J.

Great service, very good support

Very good service, fast. Excellent support, very quick responses and they help you to solve problems (not that there are much problems, but it is good to know they help out when you need them). Robbin O.

Makes it very easy to manage and keep track of projects.

Orangescrum includes an all in one screen covering all modules from project planning to visual project presentation. It is also very simply to understand and use. Yvonne M.

Very robust and simple to use. Has a lot of features right out of the box.

Easy to get organized and set up tasks and projects. Subgroups are helpful. Time reporting is a really nice feature. Customer service is excellent. Tricia W.

Take control of your project and tasks efficiently.

I was very impressed with the ease of use of its interface and all its features to manage projects. It is a platform that can be customized to our needs. It maintains a technical support that offers assistance to any requirement. A very important fact for those who manage their projects using other platforms, is that it offers a specialized service in migrating data from their projects to Orangescrum. Clotilde R.

Quick, Easy to use, Great Value

On-Prem - coming from an IT company, keeping all your data local and protected is a massive benefit to any organization. *Fast and easy to use interface (New UI) *Easy and clearly visible tasks that need to be completed. Allows our team to quickly gage task that need attention to get projects completed faster. Adam.

Quick, Easy to use, Great Value

Quick Setup and very easy to get everything in place. The system can be integrated with other systems. The offer of support is very good whether its direct from Orangescrum or other users via a community forum. Dale.

Excellent All-rounder

The biggest bonus for me is the sheer simplicity with which I or my clients can quickly raise tasks and can then stay in the loop as to progress & status. It is the life-blood of my company without which I would struggle to keep track of the work. Justin.

Good and powerful project management solution

Ease of implementation is a powerful factor on this software. It is very easy to manage, support most of features needed by any company. There are many add-ons you can get for an affordable price. UI is pretty good too. Jose U.

Project Tracking using Orangescrum

Orangescrum has been quite simple to use and support is great and responsive. Our management needed cost effective and flexible project management solution that will help us track all projects and track resource utilization of our teams spread across different locations. Orangescrum Cloud solution is ideal for small and medium businesses to manage and track their projects. Orangescrum team has been truly responsive to our needs and customize the solution for our needs. Sridhar P.


This was exactly what we was looking for. It really fits our daily needs. Camille M.

No system has ever made Project Management simpler and enjoyable like OrangeScrum, its just amazing

Time tracking feature has enabled us balance our resources thus enabling project delivery within the stipulated timelines. Provides a step by step tracking of the entire project making it possible to plan well in advance your resources to avoid any delays. Joseph O.

It is a great easy to use tool to take control of my development projects.

Orangescrum has all necessary features for project control, is user friendly, easy to use and free source. So you can use it as self-hosed free version with the basic features or as a cloud solution. In both ways you can upgrade the system with a lot of extra premium features for your daily work. The customer support team is great and experienced. Elmar B.

Makes agile teams more efficient

As an organization, we moved to Agile about a year ago and we use Orangescrum to track our sprints and iterations. Gives a very clear and visual progress of our sprint work. Orange Scrum provides different graphs to indicate the progress of the product development and helps us create individual tasks to reach the goal set by the product team. Sagar K.

PM tool that helps

We have chosen this one for the ability to develop our own extensions and make changes required for our line of business. Petr B.

Very resourceful in managing projects. A wonderful project management tool

Very easy to setup and use. Configuration is very simple and ready to use. Small in size and takes less time to install. Has provision to add snapshots and custom templates. It supports Scrum and Kanban methods. We are using the self-hosted for greater data control. Integrations with Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox is a big plus. Anish.

I can manage all the tasks of my company in an organized way with this software.

I love that I can manage all the tasks of my company in an organized way, in addition its interface shows all the users involved in the tasks to make everything simpler. I like that OrangeScrum allows me to review the daily activity of all users in my organization in a summary way and I can save myself time searching for each person's activity manually. Elizabeth.

Project Management in My Control

Overall, I am very pleased with Orangescrum. We will implement the software into our planning and objective setting and goal reaching endeavors. Roy M.

THE BEST SOFTWARE Very easy to use, it has practical options.

I love every way it offers me to respond to email by avoiding logging in to the original software. I love the options and the views that the software gives you. Among them is Kanban one of the best facilitates the administration of your equipment. The administrator offers you great resources, for any management with your clients. It is general you save a lot of time. Santiago.

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