Hailstorm Development is a remote digital and web agency based out of Michigan. Hayley Turner their Founder is a strong believer in turning dreams into reality and that is their guiding business principle too.

The Hailstorm Development team consists of ex-Google and ex-General Electric (GE) friends whom Hayley worked with in the past.

Their key objective is to get more done in less so that their clients get the maximum value and their team enough time for further creative pursuits.

Hayley wanted a cloud based project management and collaboration software to allow seamless collaboration and execution among her team that is globally scattered.

More importantly a tool that offers Agile Scrum and Kanban methodologies along with time keeping to provide their clients clear insight and visibility into the project's status.

Hailstorm Development Objective


Setting up a remote business is not easy and neither is running it optimally.

Over the course of their search, they wanted a tool that offered a professional collaboration approach with an interactive interface while being feature rich to support their remote operations.

And implementing Scrum as the preferred project management methodology was also a challenge in delivering fast quality service.

Other pressing challenges include:

  • Easy communication internally and with their clients
  • Being available for their clients when they needed them
  • Plan out their remote team's workload
  • Absolute visibility to client specifications and priorities
  • Ensure professional delivery given their business being remote
  • Be a happy company owner without stress
Hailstorm Development Troubles


They found their match in Orangescrum on 5 major counts

  • Scrum and Kanban boards for real time insights into project status
  • Robust remote collaboration and communication for their team and clients
  • Time Tracking for on-time delivery and to track their profitability
  • Resource management for transparent project pipeline management
  • Project Templates and Gantt Charts for agile task management & execution
Hailstorm Development Solution


Orangescrum truly is a life saver! As a project manager and developer, it is great to see features like the Gantt Chart & Kanban boards that give everyone on our project teams (including our clients) clear insight and visibility into the project's status. The task importer and project template features allow my team to create new projects and update existing projects with ease. I have been using project management tools since ~2007, and I can honestly say that Orangescrum is my favourite so far by a LANDSLIDE. I can't see myself using any other tool!
I feel like the changes I have requested in Orangescrum have been added pretty much instantly. As soon as I hit send on the email, their team works to get the new feature or enhancement added as soon as they can. It's truly unlike any other experience I've had as a former Project Manager and a current CEO.
Hayley Turner, Founder & CEO, United States, Michigan
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