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Terms Of Service

Referring a friend is a great way to tell others about OrangeScrum and you also gain benefits from it.
With our offers, there are a few rules (or Terms and Conditions, but let's not get too formal) so everyone plays fair. Here they are…

OrangeScrum "Refer a Friend" Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with the Refer a Friend Rules and the General Terms and Conditions as highlighted under the terms and conditions link on Where there is conflict between the "Refer a Friend" Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions, the specific Terms and Conditions from the "Refer a Friend" Program shall apply, but all other provisions within the General Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect.


OrangeScrum account holders can...

Refer multiple friends — there's no limit. Referred friends must be completely new to OrangeScrum. They can't have any existing OrangeScrum account or cannot be an existing user of OrangeScrum. Only have one OrangeScrum account (which must have a problem-free history) and can't refer themselves — sorry! Post the unique referral link on personal social media accounts, excluding any site that is contributed to or is owned by someone else (e.g. Wikipedia and coupon websites). Note: Search Engine Marketing (e.g. Adwords, Yahoo, or Bing) or the words 'coupon', 'code', 'promo code', 'discount code', 'voucher code' or 'voucher' must not be used to promote posts.

Referred friends can...

Join OrangeScrum as a referred friend if they've never made (or paid) for an OrangeScrum account.
They can start referring their own friends as soon as they have a OrangeScrum account.

Let's talk rewards

When referring friends, OrangeScrum account holders...

Earn — a.k.a. receive points added to their account when a referred friend makes their first purchase. You can redeem coupon for future upgrades.
Thinking of sharing your earnings? Sorry, they can't be transferred from person to person.

Referred friends…

Get $30 off when they pay for their first account upgrade.

Note: referred friends must signup to OrangeScrum account using the referral link shared by you.

What if…

Rules or incentives change or end? It's not often, but this can happen. If it does, OrangeScrum will reflect the changes here.
A referred friend or referring account holder has questions? OrangeScrum support team will reply and any decisions made will be at OrangeScrum's sole discretion.
Privacy is a concern? Rest easy — our Refer a Friend programme uses our website Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions so everyone's completely safe.

Why should I comply?

If you fail to comply with these 'Refer a Friend' Terms and Conditions, your participation in the program may be cancelled and you will no longer be eligible for any Reward Points from the 'Refer a Friend' program.

Want to start referring friends and earning? Yes, please!

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