We wanted an app that will help us manage project management using agile methodologies as well as timesheet so that we can send error-free invoices to our customers and provide absolute transparency.

Being a software development company we always look for tools, which can save our time and allow us to focus on our core tasks, Orangescrum is a great fit for our needs and ticked all boxes "says Anil."

Saral Objective


Using separate tools for project management and time tracking; we were looking for a simple tool, which will allow us to manage both. We wanted to use an integrated tool, which will allow us to manage project management tasks as well as time sheets so that we can invoice our customers, accurately and provide transparency to customers.

Saral Troubles


Orangescrum has a very user friendly UI and everything is integrated so well that while you are doing your usual scrum task as a bonus you are also filling timesheet at the same time so this saves lot of time for development team and management.

"In few days of trial period we knew this is the tool we need."

Keeping the UI simple and the needs of SME in mind, Orangescrum team has created a great product. Earlier, invoice creation for T&M projects, we had to duplicate the effort on multiple tools and there were inaccuracies. With Orangescrum, these were removed and we are more confident of our time logs. We were able to provide detail log of work with time to our customers which gave them confidence.

"Simpler UI helped us to do tasks quickly"

Orangescrum support is one of the best you will see. As soon as we suggested some enhancement, they were able to implement it in quick time. This gave us the confidence that for any kind of enhancement we have, Orangescrum team will get it done.

Saral Solution


Orangescrum made our project management tasks and timesheets so much easier and support provided by team is awesome
Anil Kumar | CEO, Saral Technologies