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Orangescrum Project management software Kanban View gives a clear picture of the entire project on what has been done, what needs to be done and what is in progress. Sign up to Orangescrum project management software with 14 days free trial.
Kanban View

Kanban View

Know what is done, being done and to be done at the same time. Track status of all your tasks from start to finish and keep your team aligned.
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See what other team members are working on and gaze project progress at a glance. Plan your activities and update information - all at one view

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How Teams Use Kanban Board

  • To-Dos
  • Task Tracking
  • Bug Tracking
Task Tracking
Bug Tracking

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What is Kanban?

Kanban is an agile way of tracking your process in action. It is highly visual and interactive allowing for easy tracking of progress, identifying bottlenecks and keeping your teams aligned. Kanban ensures a predictable flow of events to deliver products and services with quality.

Who should use Kanban?

Kanban was first initiated by the Japanese for the automotive industry but over time its benefits have it a default project management methodology for the software and marketing industries too. Product development, engineering, quality assurance, sales and marketing teams have adopted Kanban very rapidly. Kanban continues to be popular for bug tracking, HR and Procurement functions as well.

How to use Kanban in Orangescrum?

Orangescrum provides the board view to run various types of projects. E.g. bug tracking, task tracking, Kanban projects, scrum projects (scrum board) and much more. You can define custom status that meaningfully represent your tasks lifecycle from start to finish. So your teams get absolute clarity of to dos, timelines and expectations on the task assignments.

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