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Orangescrum project management software time tracking feature tracks down time spent by users and enable users to log their time spent with other relevant details on projects they work and generate invoices. Try it now.
Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Time Tracking features that make your TEAMS tick! Track time spent on each task & evaluate team's performance with easy to use timesheets
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  • Focus
  • Review
  • Optimize


Get the full view of your team's spent hours across projects for the week at a glance

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Daily or Weekly Timesheet


Intuitive card view gives the day's snapshot of your team's work. Monitor task progress & ensure their time is well spent

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Your Teams' day in a snapshot
Utilize your Resources to the Optimum

How Teams Use Time Tracking

  • Track Time
  • Review Reports
  • Increase Profitability
Track Time
Review Reports
Increase Profitability

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What is time tracking?

Time tracking is a way to measure the hours spent on specific project activities so that you can bill your clients and pay your employees accurately. It helps your teams to stay focused on the tasks and complete them within the estimated hours or less to maintain profitability.

Why you should do time tracking?

Time Tracking is important to keep the team focused and make them effective. It is a measure of understanding how specific tasks get done with how much efforts, skill and time. Over time, this helps to establish your baseline & set the tone for your pipeline.

How to do time tracking in Orangescrum?

Orangescrum allows for 4 ways of time tracking. Timer, Time entry, Daily & Weekly timesheets. You can do time tracking from the task list, task detail and timesheet pages.

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