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Orangescrum time tracking software helps managers to track down the spent time of team members on each task of projects. As Orangescrum is a cloud-based time tracking application, it allows the user to generate invoices based on the time spent. Sign up free Now!
  • Track Spent Time
    Track Time Accurately
  • Monitor Task Progresses
    Visualise Task Progress
  • Proper Resource Utilization
    Efficient Resource Utilization

Track Time Accurately

Easily log and record the time

Start and stop timers to track time accurately

Label time entries with custom tags

Generate detailed time reports

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Daily or Weekly Timesheet

Visualise Task Progress

Get a visual overview of task progress

Quickly identify tagged tasks

Update task progress in real-time

Visualize task timelines and dependencies

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Your Teams' day in a snapshot

Efficient Resource Utilization

Allocate tasks and projects

View real-time availability

Distribute workloads evenly

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Utilize your Resources to the Optimum

Features available on our
Time Tracking Software


Easily record and review your work hours and activities.

Timesheet Approval

Streamline the approval process for submitted timesheets with ease.

Timesheet Approver

Assign to approve timesheets, ensuring accuracy and accountability.

Profitability Report

Gain insights into project profitability with detailed financial reports.

Manage Workload

Distribute tasks and workload for optimal productivity.

Track Resource

Keep a close eye on resource allocation and availability in real-time.

Plan Tasks

Create and schedule tasks efficiently to meet project deadlines.

Organize Team

Coordinate and manage your team's activities

How Teams Use Time Tracking Software

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