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Orangescrum is one of the simplified task management software with all latest features to assign,manage and evaluate progress of all your tasks. Efficient task management helps in proper resource utilization to get productivity and track the project progress.
Task Management

Simplified Task Management

Collaborative work management for your teams. Get the complete picture of all tasks & team activities in real time.
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  • Plan
  • Manage
  • Track

Manage Tasks at One Place

Assign transparently, monitor progress, contribute to discussion threads & complete tasks on time

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Manage Tasks at One Place

Track the smallest of tasks with Subtasks

Add structure to your project with meaningful task breakdown. Clarity on all associated tasks to execute with success

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Agile Sprint Planning with Task Groups

How Teams Use Task Management

  • Classify Meaningfully
  • Maintain Relationships
  • Get Clarity
Classify Meaningfully

Maintain Relationships

Relate tasks with Task Linking

Link related tasks to provide full context & visibility to assignees & prevent delays in execution.

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Maintain Relationships
Get Clarity

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What is Task Management?

Task Management is a practical approach of breaking your project whether large or complex into smaller manageable activities. In project management terms it is popular as Work Breakdown structure. The objective is to define, assign, execute, track and complete all project activities within the agreed timelines and cost.

Why should you do Task Management?

Task Management adds a structure to your project & provides granular visibility of all project activities. You can prioritize tasks, establish meaningful associations between other tasks of the project, provide clarity to your project team, track progress easily and have full control over the project execution.

How to do Task Management in Orangescrum?

Orangescrum offers deep task management capabilities. You can break your project into various task groups, tasks, subtasks, sub-subtasks, add checklists for each task, set priority, deadlines, estimated hours, track your time and progress in real time. Intuitive advanced filters allow for deep analytics to trends w.r.t task type, assignee, labels, status etc. for end to end control and visibility.

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