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Optimal Resource Allocation
Optimal Resource Allocation

Assign the right people, equipment, and assets for effective resource utilization.

Keep the team on track
Track Real-Time Visibility

Achieve project resource tracking by monitoring the status of projects and resources in real-time.

Focused with the goal
Meet Goals Smartly

Promote seamless resource scheduling and coordination by providing a central platform for sharing information.

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  • Resource Scheduling
    Resource Scheduling
  • Resource Allocation
    Resource Allocation
  • Workload Management
    Workload Management
Schedule tasks based on resource availability
Allocate resources effectively
Maximize your team productivity

Resource Management Features in Orangescrum

Resource Planning

Efficiently strategize and manage your resource allocation.

Resource Assignment

Seamlessly assign tasks to your team members.

Team Organization

Streamline and coordinate your workforce effortlessly.

Resource Tracking

Gain real-time visibility into resource utilization

Resource Timesheet

Easily log and monitor resource hours.

Workload Management

Ensure balanced workloads for optimal productivity

Roles Management

Clarify team roles and responsibilities with precision.

One-Click Report

Generate comprehensive reports with a single click.

How Teams Use
Resource Management Software

  • Task Planning
  • Capacity Management
  • Workload Management

Task Planning

Meticulous plan tasks, ensure all team members know their responsibilities and deadlines.

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Task Planning

Capacity Management

Help teams optimize their capacity, ensuring they have the right resources for each project.

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Capacity Management

Workload Management

Enable teams to efficiently distribute workloads, preventing burnout and maintaining high productivity levels.

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Workload Management

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A Guide for Resource Managers

Explore the world of resource management with confidence and achieve your organization's goals efficiently with curated guides for resource managers.

Resource Management is doing more with less. It is about effectively planning the optimal utilization of your resources to increase efficiency.

Resource and Management two of the most critical aspects of any business (product, services, consulting, professional services etc.) and are of little value unless together!

Give The Art of Resource Management a read to understand it in depth.

Why does it matter?

Simple, it prevents the wastage of resources and time.

A proper plan ensures project success within the deadline, with the use of minimal resources.

There are many reasons why a project fails. May it be poor management or limited resources? One of our team members sophy missed her deadline.

Do you want to know why?

Because she was busy procrastinating and nervous about her ability to do the task. Here are the top five reasons why a project fails

  • Change in priorities
  • Change in project objectives
  • Inaccurate requirements gathering
  • Inadequate vision or goal
  • Poor communication

Being a project manager you need to value each employee. By managing them properly you prevent resource overload, employee burnout, unwanted stress & anxiety.

Make sure you have a robust task breakdown structure that your team understands and is comfortable with. Ensure the key components of task assignments are well defined. E.g.

  • Assigned to
  • Task priority
  • Estimated hours
  • Due dates
  • Expected outcomes
  • Value of expected outcomes

Remember, the right resource for the task can save your time and money and exponentially reduce risks.

A resource is a necessary asset whose main role is to help carry out a certain task or project. A resource can be a person, a team, a tool, finances, and time.

Most projects require many different resources to be completed. Resources should be assessed and allocated before a project begins.

Poor resource planning can result in running out of resources midway through a project or delaying deadlines in delivering the final product or service.

  • What is resource management within project management?
  • And while we're at it, what do we mean when we say, "resources?"

Both resource and project management are used to schedule and plan work activities. They make the overall project planning process more efficient. And can help your organization get to its destination.

Properly implementing resource management techniques into projects can help you use the resources in your organization more effectively and will help improve the health of your overall project portfolio.

What is project resource management?

The process of planning, organizing, scheduling and managing a project's resources like people, tools, equipment, tech, and facilities in the most efficient way is called project resource management. Maximizing utilization and ensuring the best possible use of the project’s elements.

Resource management is an aspect of the project management process that plans, organizes, manages, and measures people’s work. Its purpose is to plan, allocate and schedule the company’s resources as efficiently as possible. This is done in order to maximize each resource’s utilization.

Project resource management is about getting the best use from your organization's resources. Ensure that all the components of your projects are running smoothly and effectively.

Effective Resource Management is your starting point to ensuring efficient resource allocation and optimizing utilization. Successful companies are always focused on achieving high customer engagement & satisfaction, technologically advanced products & services and increased profitability.

Having the right resources assigned to the project based on skills is most important. And an effective resource management system can help achieve that.

Let us take a quick look into the 7 key qualities and benefits that an effective resource management would add to our organizations.

  • Centralized resource management
  • Proactive resource conflict management
  • In-built time tracking
  • Task categorization and tracking
  • Project prioritization and Resource scheduling
  • Enable organization wide collaboration
  • Comprehensive reporting

Integrated resource management tools offer comprehensive strategic and tactical benefits.

  • Task & time tracking
  • Real-time status monitoring
  • Resource pool management
  • Leave management
  • Resource availability, allocation & utilization views & reports
  • Central collaboration across departments and project teams
  • Help break silos
  • Productivity tracking

Resource management systems are a great way to manage your most important assets - your resources and optimize their utilization and obtain maximum return on investment.

What are the advantages of resource management?

Resource management is the backbone of a project and business. It can be anything from people to machinery to facilities. Resources are whatever you need to deliver your services.

It is a practice or process by which tasks are allocated to human and non-human resources in such a way that it maximizes the efficiency of the resources in hand while improving outputs.

It helps to assign the right tasks to the right person in the right time, so that you can deliver the required outputs in the right time without any delays.

The advantages of resource management are,

  • Enhance employee satisfaction
  • Deliver product and services on time
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Save more time

Project Managers must have ready answers for

  • How aligned are the deliverables with the agreed objective?
  • How best did we meet the defined timelines and schedules?
  • Were the agreed quality parameters met?
  • Did we deliver within budget?

Some quick benefits of effective resource management

  • It provides you with an overview of everyone and everything involved in your project.
  • It gives you control over your project & reduces administrative costs
  • Maximizes resource efficiency & increases accountability
  • Prevents miscommunication mishaps
  • Helps in taking right decisions

Resource Management isn't as simple as it sounds. Swimming in the sea of projects without proper distribution of resources will most probably drown your projects in no time.

"Generating productivity by allocating efficient resources for the right project at the right time is the key essence of Resource Management."

When it comes to managing and assigning your organization's resources, Resource Management plays a vital role in terms of budgets, capacity, and team members.

According to a report by workplace insight, 83% of employees cite feeling burnt out due to a high volume of emails. To make it even worse, 20% of employees report an "unmanageable" workload as the major reason for feeling burnout.

Essential Statistics interrelated to effective Resource Management

Let's take a look at the below statistics reported by notable research experts!

  • 49% of employees cannot adhere to deadlines (PMI’s pulse survey, 2017).
  • 26% of organizations use resource management for successful resource allocation (PMI’s pulse survey, 2017).
  • Project Management professionals that believed in poor resource management as a project management problem, significantly increased by 60% in 2019 (Wellingtone, 2020).
  • 25% of businesses sometimes never create project documents (Wellingtone, 2020).
  • 88% of remote workers face continuous miscommunications issues with other team members (Institute of Leadership & Management).
  • 54% of organizations have no access to real-time project KPIs (Wellingtone, 2020).

For successful Resource Management, the following aspects need attention:-

Priorities: Prioritizing resources according to the importance of a task aids in avoiding unforeseen hiccups of resources.

Granular Insights: Focuses on granular insights into what your team is working on and the timeframe required to accomplish a task.

Tracking Updates: Making the most of status updates helps in tracking the output throughout the project life cycle.

Successful project management is almost impossible if you are not able to accumulate and administer sufficient resources. This is why resource management plays such a major role in modern businesses & inspiring entrepreneurs to create new ways of handling professional duties.

The benefits of resource management are numerous, but here are the key ones:-

Cost reduction: Precision and accuracy guarantee timely delivery and reduce operational costs.

Accountability: If planned and executed properly, resource management maximizes the accountability within teams.

Customer satisfaction: The sheer fact that you can deliver projects on time will make your clients or customer satisfied and loyal.

Revenue increase: Bearing in mind the benefits mentioned above, it's not surprising to realize that quality resource management also leads to a significant revenue increase.

Here are best practices of resource management below,

  • Create a strategic breakdown structure
  • Gather operational inputs
  • Have a distinct RACI matrix
  • Prioritize Tasks
  • Use resource management tools
  • Respect the transparency principle
  • Don't forget that staff is a resource

Resource management in Orangescrum revolves around 3 major features like:-

  1. 1. Resource Availability
  2. 2. Resource Utilization
  3. 3. Resource Allocation

Resource Availability

Resource Availability solves one of the most key problems that Resource/Project managers face; tracking available resources for certain tasks.

You would have to continuously follow up with resources, juggle up between projects, tasks & you may end up with -

  • Overloaded & demotivated resources
  • Less than optimal utilization of resources
  • Missing project deadlines
  • Resource conflicts

Resource availability helps in analyzing availability of resources by providing:-

  • Resource Grid view of availability data of all resources
  • Identify available & overloaded resources. This helps in better utilization of resources
  • Booked hours of the resources in different projects. This ensures effective task allocation and enhances effective management of task deadlines.

Resource Utilization

Now, once you are aware of the availability of the resources, next concern of any Resource/Project manager is to assign specific tasks to resources and track if the tasks are being completed within the estimated time by the resources.

Optimal Resource utilization helps in:-

  • Conflict resolution
  • Deliver projects on or before time
  • Improve productivity
  • Prevent deviation
  • Improve productivity
  • Increases revenue

Orangescrum helps you to track individual & team productivity across projects.

From Resource utilization, you can get following information:-

  • Total hours spent on a project vs estimated time
  • Billable and non-billable time spent across tasks
  • Total hours spent by employees or resources on a particular date or day
  • Which task types consumed the most time of your team

Resource Allocation

Resource allocation report is a one-stop window to find details of resource(s) allocated to projects, tasks and generate spent/estimated hour reports for specific time periods.

From Orangescrum Resource allocation report, you can find out following details:-

  • No of tasks created/updated in a certain period of time.
  • Total number of Estimated and Spent hours of tasks in a certain period of time.
  • List of project & tasks assigned to a certain resource within that time range.
  • List of tasks active, overdue and upcoming tasks across a project.
  • List of tasks active, overdue and upcoming tasks assigned to a resource.
  • You can export the report and present to top management.

Resource management tool pricing

There are several resource management tools are available in the market. Most tools are available as Project Management tools.

Resource Management tool pricing generally starts from $10 to $1000 depending on the user license you need. In Orangescrum, you can avail the resource management features at $13 (for 11 users) and then $4 for each user.

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Resource Utilization
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