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Smart way of Project management

Scrum: Plan, Initiate, Scale & Launch.

Agile project management for your teams with Scrum boards, Backlog & Sprints. Define your Epic, Story & Story points & prioritize sprints for on-time delivery.

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Scrum Methodology In Orangescrum
Effortless Task Management

Task Status, Type, Priority and Timeline: Categorizing and managing tasks could not be simpler.

Create and assign tasks with utmost clarity and timelines. Track task progress, contribute to the discussion threads, provide timely updates and track time spent on tasks effortlessly.

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Timer & Timesheet: Effortless time tracking that works for your team

With OrangeScrum automated timer, stay focused on your core activities and save time in no time. Easily mark billable hours and view your team's time spend in a single view and confidently generate accurate invoices for your customers.

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Automated Time Tracking
OrangeScrum In-App Chat

Task Linking and Task Labels

Add and change your own task labels, task types and use them to categorize, identify or bookmark tasks as your team evolves.

Associate or create relationship between two tasks with OrangeScrum's Task Linking. Create roadmaps, issue linking or backlog items etc. for your projects.

Resource Availability & Resource Utilization: Simplified resource management for project success

Allocate tasks transparently to avoid overloading your Smart and Efficient resources. Easily track overloaded resources and re-plan task assignments for quicker delivery. Easily apply and track team's leaves. Forecasting leaves leads to better project and task planning.

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Resource Management
Start Managing Your Projects

Gantt Chart: Intuitive visual project planning

Well defined task time lines and project schedule prevents unwanted delays and keeps the teams in sync. Graphical representation makes it easier to analyze the project schedule. Any delays are identified easily and allows for quick pre-emptive measures.

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Kanban & Sprint Board: Collaborate with quick drag & drop

As soon as any of your team makes a change to the OrangeScrum’s Kanban Board, the change immediately gets reflected to everyone those who are part of the Project or task.

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OrangeScrum Kanban Board
OrangeScrum In-App Chat

In-app Chat

We understand the importance of clear communication and with OrangeScrum In-App Chat, communicate with all stakeholders and share findings instantly.

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