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Orangescrum Project management and collaboration tool provides real time and comprehensive project reports and analytics to take faster decisions and work smart for more productivity.

Enhance Visibility

Downloadable reports help you to eliminate bottlenecks, optimize resource utilization by analyzing projects/timeline to improve processes.

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Enhance visibility

Improve project profitability

Track the time being spent with respect to the allocated time, to ensure not to have any slippage; Achieve 2x profitability.

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Improve project profitability

Project Health Report

Get a quick glance of your project reports to identify problem areas based on project RAG (RED/AMBER/GREEN) status and do the adjustments to rectify.

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Project Health Report

Resource Allocation Report

Resource allocation report is a one-stop window to find details of resource(s) allocated to projects, tasks and generate spent/estimated hour reports for certain period of time.

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Resource Allocation Report

Velocity Chart

Track the amount of work completed from sprint to sprint. This helps you to determine the effort would be needed for the future sprints realistically.

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Velocity Chart
Project management Reporting & Metrics

Project management
Reporting & Metrics

Project management reports and analytics helps you talking to the next level. Learn more about Project Management Report & Metrics through our tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of reports are available in Orangescrum?

Orangescrum offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities w.r.t project &task progress, time and resource performance metrics along with agile scrum reports

What is a Resource Allocation report?

Resource allocation report is a one-stop window to find details of resource(s) allocated to projects, tasks and generate spent/estimated hour reports for certain period of time

What is Average Age Report?

Average Age report shows the average number of days’ tasks were unresolved for on a given day over a period of time. In other words, the report shows the average time (number of days) taken by your team to close tasks. You can get the trend over daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly basis.

What is a Pending Tasks report?

The Pending Tasks report will quickly show the true status of your team’s work. It is a comprehensive resource wise pending tasks list that shows:

- Resource Name

- Total Estimated Time of all pending tasks

- Total Spent Hours so far for all pending tasks

- Remaining Time for all pending tasks

- Total count of all pending tasks

Project Managers can track the project progress and identify probable delays and resource bottlenecks in execution with the help of the Pending Tasks report. It also helps in better task assignment and resource allocation.

What is Created vs Resolved Tasks report?

The Created vs Resolved Task Report displays your team’s daily performance. You can select a project, specify the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly) and set the number of days previously to see the tasks trend chart. The chart will show you the count of tasks created and resolved on a particular day based on your chosen frequency for the number of past days from the current date.

What is a Sprint Report?

Sprint Reports are designed to help you understand your team’s performance across active & completed Sprints. You can quickly understand the work that has been completed and the ones that were returned to the backlog with the Sprint Reports. A Sprint Report will provide you with a list of all associated tasks of the Sprint and their status. You can clearly see how many of those tasks weren’t completed and were pushed back to the backlog or reprioritized and/or sent to another active sprint. This helps you understand if your team is over-committing, does not understand the scope well or if there is scope creep. Sprint Reports are a handy tool to conduct successful Sprint Retrospectives, help organize future sprints better and improve the agile quotient of your team.

What is a Velocity Chart?

Sprint Velocity is a measure of the amount of work your team can handle or complete during a single Sprint and is a key metric in Agile Scrum Project Management. The estimates for Sprint Velocity can be based on Story Points, Count of tasks or hours committed to the various stories or tasks of the sprint. Sprint Velocity is key to understanding your team’s true performance and is very helpful for future sprint planning. It can decisively indicate how much work the team can accomplish in the future sprints.
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